A Beautifully Designed High-Converting Sales Page Can Be the Difference Between a Soul-Crushing Flop and a 6-Figure Payday.

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In this training Catherine Trebble will show you...

 - The 12 CORE ELEMENTS to ensure your sales website flows effortlessly.

 - How to sequence those elements to pack the most PERSUASIVE punch.

 - The right place to mention the PRICE of your program/service

 - How CLOSE THE SALE without being too salesy.

 - How to express your offer SIMPLY and COMPELLINGLY. And to the RIGHT audience.

 - How to get page TESTIMONIALS that compel people to invest with you.

 - How to get your offer out to market in less than HALF the time

BONUS: Once you have registered you will get immediate access to the workbook that accompanies this highly valuable sales page training.

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