About Catherine

Hi there. I’m Catherine Trebble, and I want to help you.

Here’s why my mission is to launch a brilliant sales page for you:

I know exactly what it takes to get your expertise out into the market, because I’ve successfully created and launched my own courses, services and products.

What makes me unique? I have a weird combination of skills; I’m a copywriter, sales page designer and digital marketing coach.

But it wasn’t until I was working on my own creation and launch process as part of a course launch group that I realized I my mission is to help other experts: experts like you, who need specialist support to get their programs and services to just the right people.

I can’t express how honored I am to have worked with these talented, giving people, and how excited I am to support them on their journey to launching their brilliance out into the world.
This is what drives me.

Your sales page is the center of your marketing strategy, so the words you use and the design and construction of your sales page is a big deal. I understand just how overwhelming it can be: it’s a struggle to manage all the complexities of a course launch.

It’s work-intensive and the frustration of the choice of themes, plugins and software is immense. Getting up to speed on this can seriously slow you down.

I can help you with that. It’s what I do.


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