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How to Establish Your Value to Your Clients

You might think your clients are a complex, demanding bunch with all manner of mysterious motivations, but at their heart, they all want exactly the same thing: a great result. . They want your actions to provide an outcome that they value. If you can guarantee a great result and establish that your clients will […]...


How to Avoid Entrepreneurial Burnout

Does it oftentimes feel like your business is all on you? As a business owner, you know exactly where the buck stops and that’s a heck of a lot of responsibility to deal with. There’s an almost infinite amount on your To-Do list before you can count your day, month, year or career a success. […]...


Business Cards – Your Silent Salesforce

Business cards are often the neglected afterthoughts in your promotional arsenal, but these super-cheap stars of the salesforce can boost your business for next-to-nothing – if you give them just a little attention.  . What does your business card say about you? It starts with a change of mindset at the design phase: every business […...


How to Deal With Haters and Trolls on Social Media

It’s a growing phenomenon and, oddly, gets worse the better you’re doing. These days, there’s always someone lurking around your Facebook group, waiting to unleash their twisted version of reality from behind the safety of their keyboard. Fortunately, these haters or trolls are a tiny minority, but their negativity can catch us of...


Where to source Copyright free images for your social media posts…

It might be tempting to grab a nice photo from Google to go with your Facebook post. Seriously—don’t even consider doing that unless you want to get yourself into a world of trouble! If you blindly download the first suitable photo you find on the internet for re-use on your social media, emails or website, […]...


Why You Really Do Need to Have Your Own Facebook Group

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, your Facebook posts are getting less and less exposure to your page fans. This is because Facebook pages and personal posts rely completely on the Newsfeed algorithm.   But when you post an update in your Facebook group, Facebook actually send notifications to your group members! Let that marinate for [&...


Testimonials To Express Your Credibility

So what is a Testimonial? ‘Testimonial’ comes from an old latin word meaning ‘evidence’. Here are two definitions I found: •    A statement in support of a particular truth, fact, or claim. •    A written affirmation of another’s character or worth; a personal recommendation. You want something that will convince prospective cli...


Google Dumps Non Mobile Friendly Websites From its Search

On April 21st Google made a very important change to their search algorithm relating specifically to searches made on mobile devices. Now Google is dumping all NON-mobile friendly websites in its searches conducted through mobile devices. Here’s Google’s official announcement:


The Best Times To Post On Social Media

You spend a considerable amount of time and energy creating content for your website and social channels, you want to tip the sands of time in your favour to make sure those posts have the highest chance of being read! And to do this, take the following best posting times for the main social media […]...


7 Tips to Market Yourself on Twitter

Picture this – Tweets for your business are rolling out on schedule, your followers are re-tweeting and sharing your great content, leads are pouring in, appointments are being booked and business profits are sweet. Life couldn’t be better because you’ve finally discovered what your beauty business needs to be doing on Twitter. This real...


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