On April 21st Google made a very important change to their search algorithm relating specifically to searches made on mobile devices. Now Google is dumping all NON-mobile friendly websites in its searches conducted through mobile devices.
Here’s Google’s official announcement:

This Google search change applies to all smart phones as well as all types of tablet devices. This change is estimated to affect about 50% of current websites.

If your website is over 18 months old, the likelihood is your site wasn’t optimised for mobile, and your website will be removed from search results across all mobile devices. In short, this new Google change means that non-mobile friendly websites will NOT be shown in searches.

This is HUGE as over half of all website searches are now conducted on mobile devices. If you want any chance of being found on searches, you can’t afford to ignore this change.

Depending on the platform your website has been built on (and its age), you MAY be able to have your website edited to make it mobile-friendly. If your website is too old, you’ll have to re-develop your website using a more up-to-date RESPONSIVE theme on your site. Responsive themes are coded in such a way that they look great regardless of what device they are viewed through. And Google likes this!

If you don’t want to suffer from a dramatic decline in website visibility, you need to work toward sorting your website out right away.

Here’s what I recommended you do next:

  1. Test your site using Google’s Mobile Friendly Test Page. Simply enter your website address into the box and click ‘Analyze’.
  2. If your website doesn’t pass the mobile test, then you need to start making arrangements to sort out your website.
  3. You can email me at catherine@SupportYourBrilliance.com with your website address, I’ll have a look at it for you and advise you on what you need to do.

Catherine Trebble works with authors, speakers, consultants, coaches and solopreneurs to help them to make the most of the internet and social media channels to get their brilliance out into the world. You can contact Catherine here>>