Entrepreneurial burnout is a very real consequence that many business owners spend a lot of time precariously on the brink of – without ever realising until it’s too late.

As a business owner, you know exactly where the buck stops and that’s a heck of a lot of responsibility to deal with. There’s an almost infinite amount on your To-Do list before you can count your day, month, year or career a success.

This is especially true when you employ other people. You spend so much time worrying about their welfare that it’s easy to completely neglect your own.

And then it all comes crashing down around you.

It’s important to spot the signs early:

  1. You get stressed, anxious and worn out much more quickly these days. Your mind is constantly turning over all the problems you need to solve.
  2. Colleagues, friends and family begin to fear your erratic, short-tempered reactions. They might also be asking if you feel OK.
  3. You’ve lost your joy. Monday mornings give you that sinking feeling, just like when you were an employee.
  4. You’re burning the candle at both ends. Yes, working late comes with the territory but now it’s relentless. When was your last proper day off?
  5. Your health regime is falling apart. Eating Oreos for breakfast isn’t good for you. Neither is uncorking a new bottle of red every evening, grabbing a nightly takeaway or sneaking out for a packet of Marlboro Reds.

Don’t ignore these signals, take immediate action. Otherwise your diminished energy and enjoyment, flaky decision-making and increased susceptibility to illness leave you and your business open to collapse.

Rest your mind and body

There are lifestyle strategies you can adopt to help you cope with the daily stresses and strains you face. Getting some real rest is a good place to start. Whether that means a full eight hours sleep every night or a well-earned, phone-free holiday is up to you, but your mind and body – not to mention your staff and balance sheet – will appreciate the difference in perspective that this regular reset gives you.

Breathing exercises, meditation and yoga are also becoming increasingly popular, proven ways to de-stress and ready yourself for the day-to-day challenges ahead.

Work your Zone of Brilliance

It’s also worth considering whether you’re getting the best out of yourself in your work.

Here’s a brief exercise you might find helpful:

  • List all the work tasks that you excel at or which you believe you could excel at.
  • List the activities that you enjoy carrying out at work.
  • Thinking about everything you do in a week, list the tasks which create the most significant financial contribution to your business.
  • Now compare the lists. Which activities appear, or are closely connected, in all three?

These tasks are known as your Zone of Brilliance and they’re the very best place to focus your energies.

Do all you can to spend more time operating in your Zone of Brilliance – delegate tasks, find ways to cut interruptions and distractions, say no more often… whatever it takes.

The more time you spend on work you’re passionate about that also benefits your bottom line, the less likely you’ll succumb to entrepreneurial burnout.

Get business help to reduce burnout

If you want to avoid burnout and simultaneously drive revenue, then outsourcing some of your time-intensive tasks to others is a great place to start. We are experienced marketing professionals who can help your business soar without the stress. Get in touch for a friendly chat.