Business cards are often the neglected afterthoughts in your promotional arsenal, but these super-cheap stars of your salesforce can boost your business for next-to-nothing – if you give them just a little attention.

What does your business card say about you?

It starts with a change of mindset at the design phase: every business card should be regarded as your newest, smallest salesperson.

If someone picks your business card up, they should get a very good idea of what you do – and more importantly, what you can do for them.

Here’s a good test: If someone found your current card a few miles away, do you think they’d give it a second glance? Is there anything to catch their eye, make them look you up or maybe even try you out?

Many people waste space by positioning their logo as the most prominent part of their card. But your logo won’t sell you a bean, so don’t let it take up your most precious real estate.

Instead consider positioning your logo to the left side, or towards the bottom of the card. This frees up a high-profile space for a much more attractive selling point: your face.

I can already hear you squirming about seeing your mugshot on hundreds of cards but it’s time to suck up your modesty!

If you’ve ever been to a trade show or networking event, you’ll know that business cards are handed out and accepted like free sweets. Invariably, you come home with a pocketful.

Then you just have to remember who was who 🙁

With your picture on your card, you instantly become much more memorable in a way other cards can’t match, whatever visual flourish they attempt.

The other important features on the front of the card are:

  • The services you provide
  • Your name, and if applicable, your business name
  • All your relevant contact details

The front of your card

The back of your card

If you’ve ever studied someone after you’ve given them your business card, then you should already have this tip figured out. First, they study the words on the front and then… they flip it over to check out the back.

For the sake of a few pennies, why would you waste that precious opportunity? It can be a calendar, an invitation to call, a testimonial, a memorable quote…

Give them something better than a blank space to look at. 

It’s well worth it to invest a little money in the card design. My go-to graphic designer is Ruth at

Order your business cards wisely

It’s a good idea to keep your order amounts low. That way, if you need to change any details, you’re not saddled with the dilemma of using up stacks of inaccurate cards or needlessly binning hundreds at a time. That’s why I only order quantities of 250 business cards at once.

When it’s time to place your order with a printer, I heartily recommend you look around for special offers. Printing is a hugely competitive market and there are so many special offers it’s hard to imagine that anyone ever pays the full price.

So get working on your new, improved business cards now. Where else can you recruit a 250-strong silent salesforce for so little money?