Congratulations on your fabulous new sleep coaching website!

Now that your website is finished, do bear in mind that your website is like a motor car–it will need regular maintenance.

As with even the best maintained car, your website can develop little faults that need attention. And of course you may want to make changes. Whether it’s little edits, or if you want to change things around on your website to keep things fresh, I can take care of any updates/edits/additions/changes for you at a discounted hourly rate in recognition of our past work together.

My usual rate is $70 per hour. But because we have worked closely together I have discounted my rate for you by 15% = $59.50 per hour.

You’d be surprised what I can get done in a short amount of time! Any unused time will be credited to your account to be used by you in the future.

How many hours?
If you want me to take care of all of your website maintenance, plus any edits you need me to look after for you on a monthly basis, shoot an email to me at and we can discuss your options.

I wish you every success in your business.

Lots of love

Catherine x