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Testimonials To Express Your Credibility

So what is a Testimonial? ‘Testimonial’ comes from an old latin word meaning ‘evidence’. Here are two definitions I found: •    A statement in support of a particular truth, fact, or claim. •    A written affirmation of another’s character or worth; a personal recommendation. You want something that will convince prospective cli...


Google Dumps Non Mobile Friendly Websites From its Search

On April 21st Google made a very important change to their search algorithm relating specifically to searches made on mobile devices. Now Google is dumping all NON-mobile friendly websites in its searches conducted through mobile devices. Here’s Google’s official announcement:


The Best Times To Post On Social Media

You spend a considerable amount of time and energy creating content for your website and social channels, you want to tip the sands of time in your favour to make sure those posts have the highest chance of being read! And to do this, take the following best posting times for the main social media […]...


7 Tips to Market Yourself on Twitter

Picture this – Tweets for your business are rolling out on schedule, your followers are re-tweeting and sharing your great content, leads are pouring in, appointments are being booked and business profits are sweet. Life couldn’t be better because you’ve finally discovered what your beauty business needs to be doing on Twitter. This real...


Using Facebook to Promote Your Services

When using Facebook to promote your services I always advise separating your personal and business interests by creating a Facebook Page for your business separate from your personal Facebook profile. You can brand your business page — as well as stop people from seeing overly personal posts on your Facebook Wall by making your personal Face...


Why You Need to Add a Lead Capture System to Your Website

By adding a lead capture system to your website you are taking the destiny of your business into your own hands. No longer are you simply a passive participant who casts a line and waits for the fish to come to you. With a lead capture system you have the opportunity to get the names […]...


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